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Short article describing Pickards purchase of a monoplane at auction. Pickard is described as battlingspirited competition from fellow bidders in order to emerge successful during the auction. The article also describes Pickards wish to apply for…

Collection of five photographs depicting the auction of the animals comprising The Scottish Zoo. The text below the photographs details the gentleman in the third photo from the top as Mr Wallace, the auctioneer, who is seen to be in the process of…

A drawing of several distinguished-looking men and women who, according to the drawings caption, represent the types at yesterdays sale (of the Scottish Zoo animals). Printed below the drawing is a charming poem written from the perspective of the…

Photograph of a young girl in a garden sitting next to two lion cubs. The photograph is accompanied by some text which states that the cubs pictured are part of The Scottish Zoos collection of animals being auctioned on the 27th April, 1909.

Ticket admitting the owner entry to the auction of the animals comprising The Scottish Zoo. The ticket states that a refund of the ticket price (2/6) will be given to those who purchase animals, perhaps an incentive designed to encourage bidding.
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