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Touch-screen computer displaying Pickard's Papers website

Some of the Pickard's Papers volunteers at launch event

Pickard's Papers launch

Pickard's Papers launch

Maria Velez-Serna and one of the project banners

Judith Bowers on stage introducing Pickard's Papers.

BP1907 Freak Kaiser.jpg
Newspaper ad for Pickard's shows in the first month of the First World War, promising "millions of freaks, including the Kaiser"

BP0531_Buy Jingo.jpg
Newspaper cutting about 'Buy Jingo', a little trinket sold for good luck.

Article detailing the criticisms levelled at Moss Empires, Ltd. during the annual shareholders meeting. Among the complaints was a perceived decline in quality of the companys entertainment venues, the success of which, according to the shareholders,…

The Memorandum of Association of The Argyle Electric Theatre, Limited. offers a meticulous account of the terms and conditions regarding share ownership of the company. Interesting to note is the handwritten arithmetic on the far-right of the…

Prospectus for Preference Shares in The Argyle Electric Theatre Limited, dated 27th June, 1910. This document describes, in detail, the proposed plan to acquire the halls behind Nos. 49 - 55 Argyle Street andconvert them into an Electric Picture…

Prospectus for Preference Shares in The Argyle Electric Theatre Limited. The prospectus provides a detailed run-down of how many shares it is possible to purchase at the time of its publishing, as well as information on how to pay for theseCumulative…

Application form for Preference Shares in The Argyle Electric Theatre, Limited. The form dictates that applicants must be willing to accept less than the amount of shares they originally applied for, perhaps suggesting the demand for shares of this…

Town Council Jottings is a very interesting piece of writing from the Evening Times. The piece consists of a narrator explaining the daily activities of a council official, recounted using very poetic, decorated language. It is unclear whether the…

Article from The Eagle detailing the Glasgow Corporations promotion of Superintendent William Waddell to the position of Chief of the City Fire Brigade. The article celebrates the illustrious career of Waddell, proposing that his promotion was very…

Article from the Evening Times describing the evidence Mr. Pickard gave in court relating to the theft of one of his personal safes, containing around £7000 and a first edition of Robert Burns. At the time of the court case Pickard was 87 years old…

Article describing in detail the features of Pickards new cinema at Shawlands Cross named The White Elephant. Interesting is the mention of the innovative new approaches the cinema takes in developing traditional cinema features. The cinemas seating,…

Short, amusing article from the Evening News describing the excitement and alarm generated when a bull escaped from a transport float and entered the La Scala Picture-house. The article details the bulls dramatic adventure from its escape to its…

Short article describing the sale, for £5150, of the Springbank U.F. Church on Maryhill Road, Glasgow, to an unnamed cinema theatre company who planned to build a cinema on the site. The journalist intimates that the Burnbank U.F. Church…

Short article describing the introduction of the Amusement Tax. The article posits that, according to a claim by Mr. A.E. Pickard, the first person in the UK to pay the tax was Master Hugh Brown, who, upon paying the entry fee to the American Museum…

Evening Times weekly review of the Casino cinemas programme. Notable is the mention of a screening of Charlie Chaplins Charlie at Work, described by the journalist asa screamer from beginning to end.

Newspaper advert for a film showing at the Townhead Casino cinema entitledQuo Vadis?. The advert goes into detail in conveying the high production value of the film and the critical acclaim it has received. For example, according to the author of the…

Newspaper advert for agreat picture exclusive at the Townhead Casino cinema: a four-reel film entitledThe Jockey of Death. According to the advert, the film was being shown on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only of the week commencing November 15th,…

Short article describing the weekly programme of Pickards Casino cinema. The main attraction is detailed as a film entitledThe Tragedy in the Life of General Villa, an epic said to containmany vivid battle scenes and whose production involved the use…

Short article detailing the weekly programme of The Casino. Most interesting is the mention of an attraction entitled Dalmeres Table Circus, which is said to feature performingcats, dogs, doves and monkeys. Also mentioned is the screening of a film…

Privilege Ticket stub admitting entry to the balcony area of the St. James Hall Picture Palace on Stirling Road, Glasgow.

Short article describing the weekly programme of Pickards Casino cinema. Most notable is the mention of a film being screened, entitledOrders Under Seal, an epic drama whose film spans over 6000 feet in length and has a 90 minute running time.…

Complimentary Ticket stub admitting half-price entry to the Savoy Variety and Pictures establishment on the corner of Renfrew Street and Hope Street, Glasgow.

Short article explaining how Pickard agreed to help raise money for the Relief Fund by kicking off a charity football match between the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society and the Co-operative Drapery and Furnishing Department at Ibrox Park. The…

Pink Complimentary Ticket stub admitting entry to The Palace Theatre of Varieties on the Main Street in Gorbals, Glasgow. According to the ticket, the establishment was then under new management.

Ticket stub admitting to the stalls area of Greens Round Toll Picturedrome on Possil Road, Glasgow. Most interesting here is the disclaimer found near the bottom of the ticket, which reads:As a means of excluding undesirable persons from the use of…

Short article detailing a humorous mix-up with the newspapers birth column. The article describes how Pickard had recently announced his 40th birthday through the column, however, afirm of patent food experts mistakenly took this as an announcement…

Short article describing the grand occasion of Pickards birthday, celebrated at the Panopticon and attended by a great number of guests. The article also details how Pickard received184 telegrams of congratulation… wishing him continued health and…

Short description of the weekly programme at Pickards Casino cinema, referencing a three-part film entitledThe Clue of the Broken Finger as thechief attraction of the picture houses entertainment that week.

Brief account of the Casino cinemas weekly programme, notable for the inclusion of the amusingly titledFun in a Chinese Laundry: agenuinely humorous acrobat sketch by comedy duo Sydney and Hobart.

Complimentary Ticket admitting entry of one person to the family circle area of Princesss Theatre, Glasgow. Most interesting here is the fact that the ticket has been date-stamped with blue ink, as well as a second time with a stamp readingSECOND…

Short account of the weekly programme of Pickards Casino cinema. Most notable is a reference to the popularity of the song and dance group Wilsons Eight Jolly Juveniles, who, according to the journalist, aremeeting with great success for their…

Short article explaining how the Glasgow Horse and Motormens Union bestowed anilluminated address upon Mr Pickard and gave his wife a gold bracelet, for the services he provided the city carters with during their strike. The article explains how…

Ticket admitting entry to the School Childrens Matinee performance at the Dennistoun Picture Palladium on Hillfoot Street, Glasgow. The ticket states that matinee performances would take place every Saturday at 3pm, with doors opening at 2.30pm.

Newspaper advert proclaiming the successes of Pickards five Glasgow attractions: the Casino, the Panopticon, the Ibrox Palace, the Clydebank Theatre, and the Waxwork at the Trongate. The venues are listed and each is given a brief, bombastic account…

Short story entitledThe Millionaires Gratitude which seems to be a somewhat autobiographical account of Pickards life. In the story, an affluent, well-dressed man approaches a poor old lady and explains how the generosity she showed him many years…

Newspaper cutting describing the weekly programme of the Casino cinema. Most notable is the mention of a performer named Mile Romany, alady handcuff manipulator whose act might nowadays be termedescape artist. The article describes the astonishment…

Short article describing Pickards purchase of a monoplane at auction. Pickard is described as battlingspirited competition from fellow bidders in order to emerge successful during the auction. The article also describes Pickards wish to apply for…

Short newspaper clipping from the Glasgow News detailing a list of performances taking place at the Casino. Most notable is the mention of aspecialty act by performer Max Merlin entitledThe Human Crocodile. The performance is described as showcasing…

Short newspaper cutting from the Observer describing the weekly programme of the Casino. Mentioned are the performances of Will Starr,the chocolate-coloured comedian and dancer and Cissie Norton,the popular male impersonator. Though an appraisal of…

Short article detailing the enormous success of each of Pickards cinemas: the Casino, The Panopticon, the Clydebank Gaiety and the Ibrox Picture Palace. In particular, the luxurious interior of the Casino is celebrated, being described asamong the…

Green ticket stub admitting one persons entry upon payment of one penny to the audience area or balcony of St. James Hall Picture Palace on Stirling Road, Glasgow. Ticket states that children under the age of 14 are unable to use this ticket,…

Short article from the Evening Citizen describing the arrival of a rare monkey named the white-nosed saki at the Berlin Zoological Garden. The article describes the physical appearance and attributes of the monkey, while noting that the animal is…

Short article from the Glasgow News alerting readers to the fact that a committee tasked with the planning of a zoological garden in the city is in the process of being formed, with the support of several influential gentleman and strong financial…

Collection of five photographs depicting the auction of the animals comprising The Scottish Zoo. The text below the photographs details the gentleman in the third photo from the top as Mr Wallace, the auctioneer, who is seen to be in the process of…

A drawing of several distinguished-looking men and women who, according to the drawings caption, represent the types at yesterdays sale (of the Scottish Zoo animals). Printed below the drawing is a charming poem written from the perspective of the…

Photograph of a zookeeper holding a small alligator. The text which accompanies the photograph asserts that the alligator is one of nine which the zookeeper has been able to train over a period of three months.

Article from the The Evening Times describing the events which took place at the auction of the animals comprising the Scottish Zoo. According to the author, the excitable atmosphere of the occasion seemed to register with the animals as well as the…

Short article alerting readers as to the last day they will be able to visit The Scottish Zoo before it closes. The article describes how, much to the dismay of Glasgows citizens, the Town Council ultimately refused to purchase the animals for a…

Photograph of a young girl in a garden sitting next to two lion cubs. The photograph is accompanied by some text which states that the cubs pictured are part of The Scottish Zoos collection of animals being auctioned on the 27th April, 1909.

Lengthy article written by representative of the University of Glasgows Natural History Department decrying the Town Councils apparently hasty decision to dismiss plans concerning a zoological garden for Glasgow. The writer systematically addresses…

Article taken from the Edinburgh Magazine concerning Glasgows opportunity to purchase the animals being sold by Mr. E. H. Bostock from his Scottish Zoo and form a zoological garden to showcase them. The article is very complimentary of Bostock,…

Ticket for The Scottish Zoo designed to give the Children of Glasgow a chance to see the attraction before it FINALLY closes. By encouraging specifically the children of the city to see the zoo before its closure, the ticket reinforces the idea that…

Short rhyming poem in two stanzas entitled My Teddy Bear, which seems to be written from a childs perspective about their pet bear. The poem describes how the bear, once wild and free, is now a beloved pet. Though there is no date of the poems…

Article from the Evening Times supporting the decision of the Glasgow Town Council to reject the motion that the possibility of a zoological garden be considered and reported upon by the Parks Committee. Although the author states that there would…

Article from the Evening Citizen providing a detailed account of the rejection of a motion, proposed at a meeting of the Glasgow Town Council, to have plans concerning a new Zoological Department to be remitted to the Parks Committee of the…

A letter to the Editor of the Glasgow News protesting the plan to sell off the animals comprising The Scottish Zoo. The author suggests that some of the most well-loved animals be relocated to an area named the Rouken Glen which would be converted…

Short article detailing Councillor Bostocks decision to close The Scottish Zoo and Hippodrome on New City Road, Glasgow, in order to make way for a brand new skating rink. According to the author the sport was apparently all the rage at the time and,…

Collection of photographs depicting the morning routine of Consul the wonderfully trained monkey, an attraction of Bostocks Jungle at the Earls Court Exhibition. The text at the bottom of the collection indicates what each photograph represents, for…

Article from the Daily Record and Mail detailing the acquisition of a new female chimpanzee for The Scottish Zoo. The article describes how the chimpanzee is intended to fill the shoes of the late Wee Macgreegor, a beloved creature who the writer…

Drawing of 8 sailors presenting the rare oar-fish they caught, referring to the real-life capture of the fish which was caught near Dunbar. According to the pictures caption the fish measured 13 feet 10 inches in length. Judging from the drawing, the…

Short article detailing the peculiar case of an elephant who consumed vast quantities of stones, precisely 168 stones, weighing altogether 7lb. 13oz. The case was presented to the Zoological Society by Dr. A. Smith Woodward and the stones were found…

A letter addressed to the editor of the Glasgow News describing how a pet parrot, who has been in the readers family for 30 years, marked the occasion of its birthday by laying a nice white egg. The sender of the letter believes that this may be some…

Short article from the Evening Citizen describing the voyage of the biggest consignment of live alligators ever shipped across the Atlantic. According to a wireless message received from the ship the animals were travelling on (the Minnetonka), all…

Cartoon of two baboons reading newspapers and an accompanying caption. The piece is entitled The Rights of the Worker and is presumably a satirical comment on the rights of the working classes to a fair share of the profits they help turn over for…

Short article detailing a potentially fatal incident which occurred in the Bronx Zoo, whereupon a zoo keeper accidentally fell into the muscular grip of a boa constrictor snake. The article describes how 15 men were required to remove the man from…

Short article describing the brief life of Dick the Gorilla who, after being removed from Africa and brought to the Regents Park zoo in London by the African explorer Dr. Ansorge, found the new climate uninhabitable and died from influenza. The…

Ticket admitting the owner entry to the auction of the animals comprising The Scottish Zoo. The ticket states that a refund of the ticket price (2/6) will be given to those who purchase animals, perhaps an incentive designed to encourage bidding.

Last page of the list of animals available for purchase at The Scottish Zoo auction. As with the other pages of the catalogue there is a significant amount of scrawled handwriting which seems to pertain to the certain animals the writer wishes to…

Continuation of the list of animals available for purchase at The Scottish Zoo auction. Particularly notable is the mention of the Australian Gin Gin Bird, who, according to the catalogues author is one of the finest whistlers ever heard. This…

Continuation of the list of animals available for purchase at The Scottish Zoo auction. Particularly notable is the mention of a female Chimpanzee who carries the following lofty description: One of the best animals ever seen in this country. Very…

Continuation of the list of animals available for purchase at The Scottish Zoo auction. The diverse variety of animals on sale and the descriptions which accompany them are indicative of not only the ambitious nature of the zoo when it was in…

The first page of the catalogue describes the conditions of sale for bidders purchasing animals in The Scottish Zoo auction. The conditions of sale are specific and require bidders to (among other things) agree to uplift the animals they buy by 5pm…

Two cover pages of auction catalogues (one blue, one orange) detailing the animals being sold at auction from The Scottish Zoo on New City Road, Glasgow. The catalogue cover states that the collection animals will be displayed during the auction,…

Torn Paper.jpg
Fragments of torn paperwork

Oil Lands Inside 2.jpg
Hatton, Morris and Co paperwork

Oil Lands Inside 1.jpg
Hatton, Morris and Co paperwork

Oil Lands Front.jpg
Hatton, Morris and Co paperwork

Oil Lands Back.jpg
Hatton, Morris and Co paperwork

Letterbook Index 24.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 23.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 22.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 21.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 20.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 19.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 17.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 16.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 15.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 14.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 13.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 12.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 11.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 10.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 09.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 08.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 07.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 06.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 05.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 04.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 03.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 02.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook Index 01.jpg
Handwritten index

Letterbook 237.jpg
Letter from the British Linen Bank

Letterbook 236.jpg
Letter from Adolf Friedlander

Letterbook 235.jpg
Letter from Fred Wilkins & Brother, Theatrical Furnishers

Letterbook 234.jpg
Letter from David Allen & Sons Ltd, Pictorial Placard Printers

Letterbook 233.jpg
Letter from John D Hamlyn, Naturalist

Letterbook 232.jpg
Letter from Leslie Kirk, Building Contractor

Letterbook 231.jpg
Letter from Ebenezer Calder, Manufacturer of Venetian Wire, Gauze, Cloth Blinds and Outside Sunshades

Letterbook 230e.jpg
Back of letter from Thomas Lawrie & Co, Decorators

Letterbook 230d.jpg
Letter from Thomas Lawrie & Co, Decorators

Letterbook 230c.jpg
Letter from Thomas Lawrie & Co, Decorators

Letterbook 230b.jpg
Letter from Thomas Lawrie & Co, Decorators

Letterbook 230.jpg
Letter from Thomas Lawrie & Co, Decorators

Letterbook 229.jpg
Credit note from John Walker & Sons Limited, and stamped by Gordon and Blair Ltd

Letterbook 228.jpg
List of specifications from The Gaumont Co Ltd and handwritten notes

Letterbook 227.jpg
Letter from The

Letterbook 226.jpg
Letter from The Scottish Catholic Printing Company Limited

Letterbook 225.jpg
Letter from The Gaumont Co Ltd

Letterbook 224b.jpg
Handwritten letter

Letterbook 224.jpg
Handwritten letter

Letterbook 223.jpg
Handwritten letter

Letterbook 222.jpg
Letter from Lord Chamberlains office

Letterbook 221b.jpg
Letter from Lemco & Oxo

Letterbook 221.jpg
Letter from Lemco & Oxo

Letterbook 220a.jpg
Letter from A & A Crawford Wholesale Whisky & Wine Merchants

Letterbook 220.jpg
Letter from David Allen & Sons Ltd, Pictorial Placard Printers

Letterbook 219b.jpg
Telegram from the Uniform and Equipment Co

Letterbook 219.jpg
Telegram from the Uniform and Equipment Co

Letterbook 218.jpg
Letter from The Dangerfield Printing Company Limited

Letterbook 217.jpg
Letter from The Victoria Infirmary

Letterbook 216.jpg
Letter from The Victoria Infirmary

Letterbook 215b.jpg
Letter from The Variety Artistes Federation

Letterbook 215.jpg
Letter from The Variety Artistes Federation

Letterbook 214b.jpg
Postcard from John Horn Ltd, Commercial Printers, Lithographers & Stationers

Letterbook 214.jpg
Postcard from John Horn Ltd, Commercial Printers, Lithographers & Stationers

Letterbook 213.jpg
Letter from WM Grant & Sons, Distillers

Letterbook 212b.jpg
Postcard from A.E. Pickard

Letterbook 212.jpg
Postcard from A.E. Pickard

Letterbook 210b.jpg
Letter from the T. Edward Ward

Letterbook 210.jpg
Letter from the T. Edward Ward

Letterbook 209.jpg
Letter from John Lewis/The Donaldson Lithograph Co

Letterbook 208.jpg
Letter from The Scottish Adhesive Company

Letterbook 207.jpg
Letter from The Scottish Adhesive Company

Letterbook 206.jpg
Letter from George Mason, Licensed Valuator & Business Agent

Letterbook 205.jpg
Letter from Adolf Friedlander

Letterbook 204.jpg
Letter from The Automobile Association and Motor Union

Letterbook 203.jpg
Confirmation of a telegram

Letterbook 202.jpg
Telegram from Adolf Friedlander

Letterbook 191.jpg
Letter from the Glasgow Corporation Electricity Department

Letterbook 190.jpg
Letter from Mrs EH Knight

Letterbook 189b.jpg
Handwritten notes

Letterbook 189.jpg
Note from T Edward Ward

Letterbook 186.jpg
Freemason paperwork

Letterbook 185.jpg
Letter from A & A Crawford, Wholesale Whisky and Wine Merchants

Letterbook 184.jpg
Handwritten letter

Letterbook 183d.jpg
Back of Re-taking Mandate

Letterbook 183c.jpg
Re-taking Mandate

Letterbook 183b.jpg
Handwritten letter and small photograph

Letterbook 183.jpg
Handwritten letter

Letterbook 182.jpg
Letter from Henry MeikleJohn

Letterbook 181.jpg
Letter from Consol Automatic Aerators Limited

Letterbook 180.jpg
Handwritten letter

Letterbook 179b.jpg
Postcard from The Bioscope Journal

Letterbook 179.jpg
Postcard from The Bioscope Journal

Letterbook 178b.jpg
Handwritten letter

Letterbook 178.jpg
Handwritten letter

Letterbook 176.jpg
Letter from Besson & Co Ltd

Letterbook 175.jpg
Handwritten letter

Letterbook 174.jpg
Letter from Alfred Williamson

Letterbook 173.jpg
Letter from John Lewis / The Donaldson Lithograph Co

Letterbook 172.jpg
Letter about A.E. Pickard

Letterbook 171b.jpg
Back of notice from Besson & Co Ltd with handwritten note

Letterbook 171.jpg
Notice from Besson & Co Ltd

Letterbook 169b.jpg
Back of letter from John Rankin with handwritten note

Letterbook 169.jpg
Letter form John Rankin

Letterbook 168.jpg
Letter from David Allen & Sons Ltd, Pictorial Placard Printers

Letterbook 167.jpg
Handwritten letter
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